Eating Local

If you want a real adventure, try your hand at growing your own garden.

This family in Pasadena, CA is taking urban gardening to new heights.
Here is their website: Urban Homestead
This video about them is awesome, check it out!

If you are not ready for your own garden, then perhaps you will visit one of our local farmers markets, join a CSA, or buy from a local farmer. Local Harvest is a wonderful site where you can search for these resources close to your home.

Why it is so important to buy locally from small producers!
This site will open your eyes to the drama unfolding in the organic movement and the roll of big corporations. It will help you to understand why buying locally from small producers is important. It may also encourage you to eat a more basic diet with as few processed foods as possible. It truly is not that hard to make your own meals, grind your own flours, and eat a diet with minimally processed foods.