Service Bucks

Image of Doug DOUG
DOB: 02/01/11

Doug was traded to me by my friend Dawn. His first year as a breeding buck was 2012-his first kids will be on the ground in 2013. We have decided to breed our dairy does to a meat goat buck in order to have a cross that will yield a higher amount of meat for the table. We harvest and eat the dairy animals that are not needed, but this makes a lot more sense in the long run-the meat goat crosses yield a higher amount of meat. It also helps me with a psychological block that I have about harvesting dairy does that could be viable animals on the milk line. So far, I've not been able to harvest a dairy doe, even if I do not need her for milk production. The cross yields a doe that is a better mother and better milker than a meat goat doe, but not a heavy milker that must be milked after the kids are weaned. The does from the dairy/meat cross will be retained as meat goat producers-their kids being 3/4 meat goat, 1/4 dairy. And any does not needed, will also be harvested. To provide meat for the table, requires about 12 goats a year. Breeding 6 diary does to have 12 offspring is not practical when we need only enough milk to feed our family. Why did it take me so long to figure this out?