Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
The best place by far to buy your seeds if you live in the area! I don't believe I can find a more local resource of seeds.

Seed Savers Exchange
This is where I purchase my tomato plants! They ship them right to my door. Baker Creek and Johnnys do not offer tomato plants, and I am not set up to start my own from seed, so this is where I get my plants. This is a great company, I love what they are doing! If I can't find what I need from Baker Creek, I try Seed Savers next.

Johnny's Selected Seeds
I purchase my onion sets from Johnnys.Again, they are shipped right to my door when I am ready to plant. Johnnys is one of my favorite resource for ordering seeds and supplies because of their extremely helpful, knowledgable, and friendly staff.

Homesteading Supplies

I love Lehman's. It is my favorite place to shop. If you are a do-it-yourselfer or interested in living a life from a simpler time, this is your one stop shop. I buy my cheese cloth from Lehman's because it is the only place I have found that has un-bleached cheese cloth. The prices are always competitive, and the quality of their goods unsurpassed. I purchased my cheese press from Lehman's.

Gallus Domesticus (Chicken)

An encyclopedia of poultry includes pictures, video, and an abundance of information about various breeds.

Capra Hircus (Goat)

Caprine Supply
Our local supplier of all things goat for the goat owner. They also have a nice selection of books and cheese making equipment.

Hoegger Goat Supply
Probably my favorite goat resource. They carry the herbal goat dewormer that I use and many other wonderful alternative health care products that jive with our organic standards here.

A wonderful educational site for folks that have or want to know more about goats.

Equus Caballus (Horse)

United States Dressage Federation
Learn all about my favorite equestrian discipline!

Kansas City Dressage Society
This is the local dressage organization that I belong to.

High Point Farm
This is where I take lessons. A more wonderful group of people I've yet to meet!

Brenderup Real Trailers
This is the type of trailer I have. I LOVE my trailer! Sadly, the mother company pulled them out of the USA this year after 30 years of sales. I've not found anyone that knows the reason why or has information on what the future may hold. I am confident that I will have little if any issues needing replacement parts, etc...but it would be nice to know if they are planning to return to the US just in case. And yes, draft horses do fit in a Brenderup trailer!

Canis Familiaris (Dog)

Livestock Guardian Dogs
The best site I have found for information on Livestock Guardian Dogs. Learn about my favorite breed of dog, the Great Pyrenees, and many other guardian dogs, some that are virtually unknown.

Flint River Ranch Official Company Site
This is the pet food we feed our cats and dogs. I have tried about every brand out there and am really impressed with this company and the food they make.


Rolling Meadows Animal Hospital
Dr. Randy Huenefeld is the veterinarian that I intrust the care of my horse to. I have only good things to say about Dr. Huenefeld! If you are looking for a holistic veterinarian for your equine companion you will not go wrong here.

Town and Country Equine Hospital
It is difficult at best to find a veterinarian that not only works on goats, but also has the experience with small ruminants to be well versed in this area of work. You will not be dissapointed with the doctors from Town and Country.

Trailridge Pet Hospital
It may seem silly for me to drive all the way up to Shawnee to have my dogs and cats visit the veterinarian, however I used to work for Dr. Cram and I know first hand that it is well worth the drive.

Olathe Animal Clinic
Have you ever tried to find an avian veterinarian that will work on a pet chicken? I have, and I could not reccomend Dr. Romain highly enough.

Website Hosting

Our website is hosted by Earthtones. They also offer long distance and ISP service. This is a wonderful organization and 100% of their profits go to environmental groups! Make your money count and join us in making a difference.