This recipe is often called mock mashed potatoes. The texture is so different from potatoes that I don't think it is a good idea to call it mock mashed potatoes. I also feel that if you are expecting mashed potatoes, you will be disappointed. Also, it does not do well if you put it on top of shepherd's pie. When you bake the pie, all of the cheese melts out of it, and it settles into the pie instead of being on top of it. We like these quite a lot, and eat them up, but we aren't expecting them to be potatoes. It is our opinion that mashed cauliflower is much better than mashed potatoes!

Wash cauliflower and cut out the core. Break florets into small pieces. Steam florets until tender-about 15 minutes.

Meanwhile place the butter, 2 oz cream cheese, and Himalayan salt into a food processor.

When cauliflower is fully cooked add it to the food processor while hot and process on low to desired consistency.