Cream of Butternut Squash Soup

Here is one of my new favorites! I decided that we needed more squash in our diet and set out to find some recipes...this one is from the Cabbagetown Cafe Cookbook. I serve this with a tossed salad consisting of red leaf lettuce, pears, dried cherries, pecans, feta cheese, and topped with raspberry poppy seed dressing.

Peel the sweet potatoes and cut them into uniform size pieces. Place in pot, cover with water, and cook until tender.

In a soup pot, melt the butter. Add the onion and saute until golden brown and sweet, about 10 minutes. Add the spices, marjoram, and Himalayan salt and saute for 2-3 minutes.

Peel the squash. A vegetable peeler works best. Remove the seeds and chop the squash into cubes. Add it to the onion and butter, along with a little water, and let it cook until well done, about 30-40 minutes. Cover the pot to speed the cooking, and stir occasionally. If it starts to stick, add some of the potato water.

Add the potatoes with their liquid to the soup pot and cook together for about 10 minutes.

Using an immersion blender, blend the squash mixture with the cream until smooth.

Heat the soup gently until it is warmed through, then taste and adjust the Himalayan salt if needed. Add the Sherry.